South Africans urged to 'Light SA Red' to highlight eventing sector's plight

75 days ago

JOHANNESBURG - The South African event industry will take part in a widespread demonstration on Wednesday to highlight the lack of government’s support in the sector.

It’s been five months since those employed in the industry have been able to earn a living after the lockdown forced entertainment spots to close and major events to cancel in a bid to contain the spread of the virus.

Under the campaign Light SA Red, the industry, including freelancers, night clubs, theatres and equipment companies said they were fighting for survival and called on South Africans to join their plight by shining a red light outside their homes and businesses on Wednesday night.

The movement’s spokesperson Sharif Baker said: “It’s a campaign to gain attention of government. We’ve gone with Light SA red, because red is the international colour for emergencies, and that’s what the entertainment industry is in.”

While iconic buildings including Mandela Bridge and Cape Town Stadium will be illuminated to highlight the crisis, Baker said that citizens could also help to paint the town red.

“You can light up a tree or wall. Another way is use a picture from an event and put a red filter on it and upload it to social media as we present this case to government.”

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This article first appeared on EWN : South Africans urged to 'Light SA Red' to highlight eventing sector's plight



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