JFF Rooftop Farm – a plant shop and tea house perfect for a tranquil outing


Preneil Pillay

521 days ago
JFF Rooftop Farm – a plant shop and tea house perfect for a tranquil outing


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JFF Rooftop Farm – Braamfontein

It's time for another 947 Joburg Gem! The 947 Crew's, Noni and Melody took to the streets of Joburg to find out if they were capable of becoming plant parents at JFF Rooftop Farm – a plant shop and tea house which is a subsidiary of Jozi Food Farmer.

Set in the heart of Braamfontein and surrounded by a buzzing culture lies an intimate plant farm on a hidden rooftop. To get to the plant shop, the 947 Crew driven by Suzuki went on a little adventure by climbing up a caged ladder. All visitors must sanitize before they climb as well as when they get to the top. Visitors also have to wear masks at all times.

The Crew eventually made it to the top and were surrounded by nothing but greenery. The co-founder Ash, who has been in the business for 8 years, was ready to educate Noni and Melody on the different plants and produce that JFF Plant Farm provides.

The plants that stood out for the 947 Crew were the Prayer plant, the Viola plant as well as the Flowering Kalanchoe plant.

The Prayer plant curls up its leaves at night and unfolds them at dawn. The plant is non-toxic to humans as well as pets.

Prayer Plant

The Viola plant is a genus of flowering plants and is remarkably versatile. This plant is edible raw or cooked and is used to decorate food as well as beverages.

Viola Plant

The Kalanchoe plant is an easy-care flowering succulent plant that is often given as a gift. This plant is watered every 14 to 21 days.

Kalanchoe Plant

While shopping for the ideal plant, customers can also grab coffee or tea from the variety they offer at the tea house.

Plant parenting has taken a life of its own since lockdown with most households growing fond of this new hobby. If you are considering becoming a plant parent or want to find out more about growing plants and produce, JFF Roodtop Farm is a great place to start. Customers can use the website (www.jffrooftopfarm.co.za) to purchase from the store and source out information on how to successfully grow your plant on the ‘plant care’ tab. To keep up to date with any new developments, follow them on Instagram under the handle @jffrooftopfarm.


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