Experience the food, art, music, and social ride at Mangrove Café


Preneil Pillay

360 days ago
Experience the food, art, music, and social ride at Mangrove Café


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It’s another 947 Joburg Gem Friday which means that the 947 Crew driven by Suzuki are on the lookout for the coolest places in Joburg. A new awesome spot was in town and Noni could not resist. She attended Mangrove Restaurant’s launch Weekend in Braamfontein to experience the food, art, music, and social ride.

The name and inspiration of the restaurant comes from The Mangrove in London - a Caribbean restaurant opened by Trinidadian community activists as a meeting place for fellow activists, musicians, artists, and actors. This newly established Mangrove in Braamfontein collaborates with local artists, musicians, students, creatives, entrepreneurs and more to keep the spirit of the original Mangrove going.

The Saturday of the launch featured tree-planting to officially open the establishment as well as DJ and jazz performances to introduce their target market to their “vibe”. The Sunday was probably Noni’s favourite day which started at 11:00 with a uniquely customised cup of coffee to showcase artists that performed at The Mangrove in London.

After a much-needed boost from the coffee, it was time for the Social Ride to take off after a brief meeting of the direction that will be taken. The group rode off and the adventure began. This ride was special because each pitstop was made at a graffiti wall to speak about the inspiration of the graffiti artists on the streets of Braamfontein. Not only were the rides informative, but they were also picture perfect. After the ride, the group headed back to the restaurant for a well-deserved brunch.

Noni sat down for brunch to a cheerful mood in the restaurant. She ordered a delicious juicy salad and caught up with co-founder Tshepo to learn more about the establishment. Tshepo spoke passionately about Mangrove and how it was not only inspired by The Mangrove in London but also by his passion for people, coffee, and bicycles. He owned a coffee shop in Braam where he also fixed bicycles for the community. Having social rides at his new establishment was a no-brainer. He mentioned the rides were merely for fun, and if one does not know how to ride a bike, the team is there to assist.

The Social Ride takes place every Sunday at the Mangrove Restaurant.


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