Random Acts Of Kindness with the Dis-Chem Foundation and Mothwa Haven


Preneil Pillay

334 days ago
Random Acts Of Kindness with the Dis-Chem Foundation and Mothwa Haven

We know you enjoy doing good for others, but some things are hard to do by yourself. Organisations that do charity work need food, building material, and money, and you volunteer your time.

Now, 947 and the Dis-Chem Foundation are volunteering more on your behalf.

We want to know about the organisations that do charity work that you are involved in because we’d like to help you, help them. Nominate them below, by filling out the form, and telling us their story. Dis-Chem’s Random Acts of Kindness.

Distributed by the Dis-Chem Foundation – One-on-one caring for the community, with 947.

Mothwa Haven

Caring for our senior citizens is perhaps the greatest responsibility we have. Because those who walked before us made possible the life we enjoy today.

Mothwa Haven is an old age home doing incredible work, taking care of the elderly, making sure they continue to live wholesome lives even in old age.

To make sure they continue doing this work, 947 together with The Dis-Chem Foundation will be making a donation to Mothwa Haven.

Joining us on the line today we have Delyce Du Plessis from Mothwa Haven in Pretoria, she will be telling us more about the work that they do.

Listen to the beautiful moment when Sherry from the Dis-Chem Foundation broke the news to Delyce...

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