[WATCH] Chief Justice praying about 'any vaccine that is the devil' goes viral


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352 days ago
[WATCH] Chief Justice praying about 'any vaccine that is the devil' goes viral FILE: Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeong. Picture: EWN.

South Africa's Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng has gone viral after he addressed a Thembsa Academic Hospital thanksgiving event. His words have caused a heated debate about the role of religion and the State.

CapeTalk producer Stephan Lombard talks to presenter Refilwe Moloto about what happened.

Towards the end of the address on stage thanking health workers, Mogoeng had strong words about the virus and vaccines.

I've locked out every demon of Covid-19, I've locked out any vaccine that is not of you. If there be any vaccine that is of the devil, meant to infuse 666 in the lives of people, meant to corrupt their DNA - any such vaccine Lord God Almighty, may it be destroyed by fire in the name of Jesus.

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng

Twitter has been divided by those saying this is utterly inappropriate, while others say he is praying which is what the majority of South Africans do, says Lombard.

You can't say because we are a secular nation we can't [pray]. 80% of South Africans identify as some sort of Christian and being a secular country does not mean that faith cannot play any role in society. It just means you are not governed by it.

Stephan Lombard, Producer - CapeTalk

But Lombard says there are concerns when a high-profile person who is seen as important and learned may play into a narrative that is opposed to any type of vaccine.

But it is a free country and his office replied saying he was not making a speech, he was praying and that is his right.

Stephan Lombard, Producer - CapeTalk

Listen to what Chief Justice Mogoeng said at time code 01:12 below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : [WATCH] Chief Justice praying about 'any vaccine that is the devil' goes viral

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