[WATCH] How TikTok became 2020's go-to App and why it's so popular

34 days ago

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TikTok became 2020\s most-downloaded App around the world; well, in countries where it hasn't been banned. The popular Chinese App became the go-to platform for content, challenges, pranks, and so much more. But. why has it become so popular?

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According to NowThis, TikTok dethroned Facebook as the most-downloaded app in 2020 — so why do people love it so much?

And why can’t we stop watching?

On the surface, the App seems lawless, chaotic, and weird. But if you take a closer look, you'll see it is full of meaningful, tight-knit communities. It dethroned Facebook as the most-downloaded App in 2020 and it's community and platform power is undeniable.

Amanda Choy

Here's why TikTok has become so powerful - and addictive...

Video source: NowThis | Facebook

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