Struggling to sleep? Dr Green's tips and secrets to having a great night's rest


Preneil Pillay

154 days ago
Struggling to sleep? Dr Green's tips and secrets to having a great night's rest TIPS TO GET A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP 947 DRIVE WITH THANDO

Thando tells a story about how she has difficulty falling asleep. If you are like her, we invited Dr. Green - a professional at such matters - to give us tips.

Dr Green talks about how light affects sleeps cycles, the effect of light from our devices, R.EM. sleep, and more.

Here are some crucial neuroscience and practical issues around sleep hygiene:

The pineal gland is very sensitive to light. Having any sort of light in the room will affect your ability to sleep.

Dr Darren Green

I can't stop my mind from thinking.

Thando Thabethe

There will always be thoughts coming to mind; you have to find ways to shift your thoughts.

Dr Darren Green

All light stimulates the brain. The LED lights are the worst. When you get a notification (on your phone) next to your bed, it stimulates the cells behind the eyeballs and this is why light and darkness is so important to our sleep cycles.

Dr Darren Green

Listen to the full conversation below and get more tips on sleep hygiene and download the podcast...

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