Tunez RSA shoots his shot and scores


Nondwe Maqubela

66 days ago
Tunez RSA shoots his shot and scores

What seemingly was a news anchor's coverage of a story by asking a bystander about what they were doing at Jabulani Mall, in Soweto, turned out to be Tunez RSA's moment to shine. And boy, did he grip the opportunity with both hands.

He quickly informed the news anchor that he was there to promote his music and not to loot. What got the nation of South Africa talking was how confidently, he promoted himself and didn't mind that the reporter was trying to steer him back to point of why he had started the conversation with him.

This is not good for the country for the economy. And how we resolve this thing. I do not condone it.

Tunez RSA

You only get one shot!

Thando Ngubeni, known as Tunez RSA, goes on to tell the television journalist from eNCA that he was passing by Jabulani Mall, when he noticed the commotion and he started filming for this Instagram followers.

... I saw the crew and I was like, 'no, I can't miss out'. You know. I was like can I say something. Can I just say something?

Tunez RSA

I think a lot of us are very fearful to follow our dreams and our ambitions and just to put ourselves out there. I think a lot of the time we laugh at people.

Thando Thabethe, 947 Drive With Thando

Up next, I'm planning on bringing out new music. I want to re-brand.

Tunez RSA

Listen to Tunez RSA chat to Thando Thabethe and Alex Caige

Tunez RSA is a 24-year-old rapper from Soweto and co-owner of Kippiza Entertainment.
He has officially released his song, 'Higher and Higher'.

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