Anele Mdoda (finally) gets vaccinated


Nondwe Maqubela

8 days ago
Anele Mdoda (finally) gets vaccinated

It has happened for Anele Mdoda, host of Anele and the Club!
She has finally been vaccinated.

Anele has been so excited to get the jab - from chatting about it online to on-air... we think most of 947 listeners have heard all the hints these past few months.

Us vaccinated people would like to say hi to the unvaccinated people.

Anele Mdoda

Anele waiting in the queue

Argh. It's just like somebody gave me a lummy.

Anele Mdoda

Under 35 are going to be TikTok'ing in the queue.

Anele Mdoda

The 'I've been vaccinated' moment

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