Abby Nurock: bespoke jewellery maker by day, vinyl dj by night


Nondwe Maqubela

36 days ago
Abby Nurock: bespoke jewellery maker by day, vinyl dj by night

Abby Nurock's career began in 2002 with the two-second hand Technics SL/1210 decks, which she plays on to this day.
Nurock is one of 947's resident DJ's on the 947 Mix At 6 and you can catch her vinyl sets on Thursday nights.

Her versatility as a DJ transcends all genres and appeals to any crowd.

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What can listeners expect from your #947MixAt6 sets?

Listeners can expect a soulful journey of my personal favourite uplifting house tracks from over
the years... strictly VINYL of course!

In a short paragraph, describe yourself, what your everyday job is, what your hobbies are, how you like to enjoy your spare time.

I am a bespoke jewellery designer/manufacturer by day. I have my own workshop in my house from where the production line takes place- from smelting the metal to handcrafting/forging it into finished creations.

I am very outdoorsy and love being in nature: hiking, swimming, diving, rock climbing etc.
I practice yoga and pilates for their incredible health and mental benefits as well as the occasional high-intensity training regime.
I have two beloved cats who are my children and (when permitted) I LOVE to travel.

What kind of music do you listen to in the car?

It depends on my mood… I actually love listening to downtempo and jazz… but a great melodic house/techno mix can keep me driving for days.
It's a form of meditation for me.
Ironically though, I often don’t listen to music but opt for podcasts instead. I like to be taken out of my overthinking head and learn as much as possible without the distractions of life.

What experience would you like the listener to experience during any one of your sets?

I aim to take them on a nostalgic trip that brings back memories of happy, uncomplicated times, where classic house music would uplift us and keep us dancing well into the early hours of the next day.
There was no social media… zero distractions or personal comparison, no selfies or video footage, just pure unadulterated enjoyment of the moment.

What television show are you currently enjoying?

I love a good detective series and have been binge-watching Bosch.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

To be able to fall asleep and have a good nights sleep on a daily basis haha.
People take that for granted but for an insomniac… it would literally be life-changing and I’d have so many natural superpowers of health and vitality as a result!

Describe yourself in 5 words

Empathetic, kind-hearted, appreciative of life and its thrills, a deep and spiritual soul and a
massive adventure seeker.

Name your favourite holiday spot.

Plettenburg Bay

Dog person or a cat person


Do you have a favourite go-to song for this summer or just for summer, generally? What is it?

Kaskade “It’s you It’s Me” is my general go-to summer song… it takes me back to a time in my life where I lived an endless summer- travelling and meeting people… living life to its absolute maximum without worrying about the limitations of being human.

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