Cheers, mate! South Africa's SXOLLIE cider 'taking over' the UK


Paula Luckhoff

47 days ago
Cheers, mate! South Africa's SXOLLIE cider 'taking over' the UK Image: SXOLLIE on Facebook @sxollie

South African cider brand SXOLLIE is going from strength to strength internationally, especially in the UK.

It was founded in 2014 by Karol Ostaszewski and his wife, Laura Clacey,.

The award-winning cider is made with single varietal apples sourced from one grower in the Elgin Valley in the Western Cape.

"SXOLLIE is made in a wine style using champagne yeast and steel vat to boost the extraction of apple characteristics and to seal in extra flavours."

And the name? Reading it as 'hustler, disrupter or go-getter' sxollie was the obvious choice says Clacey.

Bruce Whitfield catches up with Karol Ostaszewski on The Money Show.

He says SXOLLIE's market share keeps growing in the UK and announces there is "big news" coming in November.

We're delighted with all our progress to date... and hopefully we might be able to chat a bit later in the year when I can tell you (it's still under embargo) about another very big deal we're about to secure with a business that has very strong connections with the South African market, also based here in the UK...

Karol Ostaszewski, Co-founder - SXOLLIE

Ostaszewski confirms that SXOLLIE's ciders are still 100% produced in South Africa.

"We add absolutely nothing to our product to adulterate any of that South African goodness."

He says their business principles are based around trade with Africa.

As the product is carbonated and bottled in the UK, the apples are shipped in liquid form to decrease their carbon footprint in terms of their supply chain he explains.

We love South African apples and the UK loves South African apples and we are here to beneficiate African agriculture.

Karol Ostaszewski, Co-founder - SXOLLIE

It's taken over on shipping containers from the Elgin Valley in liquid format across to our factory up in the north of England... We do that from a sustainability perspective.

Karol Ostaszewski, Co-founder - SXOLLIE

We are in the process of becoming the first UK B-Corp company. Those are companies that are committed to the triple bottom line which includes our commitment to sustainability and building ethical, responsible businesses.

Karol Ostaszewski, Co-founder - SXOLLIE

It's audacious isn't it, to break into a market like the UK which already has so many cider brands?

Their philosophy on SXOLLIE is the art of the hustle, Ostaszewski says.

We believe that we are hustling to bring South African cider to the UK. This is a completely unique concept.

Karol Ostaszewski, Co-founder - SXOLLIE

Nobody is doing single varietal South African cider in the UK. We are using eating apples, not cider apples so it is a completely different product.

Karol Ostaszewski, Co-founder - SXOLLIE

We are here to be an alternative to your gin and tonic, to your glass of Sauvignon Blanc, because we're lower in calories and lower in alcohol... and we're here to bring an alternative drink that just happens to be a cider but made with the very best fruit in the world from South Africa.

Karol Ostaszewski, Co-founder - SXOLLIE

SXOLLIE is currently exported to Norway, Denmark, Ireland, Hong Kong and Singapore, with plans to enter the Australian market.

Listen to Ostaszewski discuss the future, and history, of SXOLLIE:

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