Weird jobs that don't even sound real


Ayesha Yon

45 days ago
Weird jobs that don't even sound real Photo by Michael Anfang on Unsplash

When Darren Simpson was paging through the classifieds section of the newspaper, he discovered a job ad for an unusual occupation.

He found a vacancy for a 'chick sexer' — this is a person who picks up baby chickens and determines their gender.

"Clearly there's a gap in the job market here in the Western Cape!"

Continuing on the path of strange jobs, Darren came across the insane job of snake milkers. While most people choose to steer clear of slithering serpents, snake milkers choose to work with deadly snakes by 'milking' them for their venom.

Why, you ask? It's actually a very important job. The venom that snake milkers extract is used for antivenoms and medicines.

Anneke, a professional snake milker joined the Kfm Mornings show to share her story.

I've been doing this now for 6 years... with my son having a passion for snakes, I did the course with him... I just got involved more and more... and I love my job!

Anneke , Snake Milker

It's scary and I've been bitten twice. Luckily both times were dry bites... it's a terrifying thing to do...

Anneke , Snake Milker

On what's the worst snake to milk...

The most terrifying one for me is the puff adder, I've seen them bite through their own lips...

Anneke , Snake Milker

Listen to the full conversation below and scroll down for contact details of Western Cape-based snake handlers.

Dale Snyder - 083 632 1085

Davina - 072 809 8908
Milnerton, Blouberg, Melkbos, and Plattekloof area

Will de Meyer - 083 244 3587
Newlands to the city to Goodwood and all the way back to Wynberg and Constantia. Will says he lives in Rondebosch and will drive 20 minutes in any direction from home. Also, he works in Montague Gardens and the same applies there.

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