Push driver's licence renewal to 10 years and overhaul the system - Outa CEO


Qama Qukula

16 days ago
Push driver's licence renewal to 10 years and overhaul the system - Outa CEO A general view of a South African driver's licence. Picture: Supplied.

  • Lobby group Outa has reiterated its call for a 10-year driver licence renewal period

  • The delays with renewing driver's licences have been worsened after a breakdown of the machine used to print the cards

  • Outa CEO Wayne Duvenage says the Transport Dept needs a complete overhaul of its archaic systems

The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (Outa) says the current fiasco with the driver's licence renewal process can be fixed if government makes the cards valid for 10 years instead of five.

Outa CEO Wayne Duvenage has repeated his call for the driving licence system to be overhauled after the card machine used to produce licences recently collapsed.

He estimates that there could be a backlog of 500,000 driver's licence cards due to the breakdown machine.

Duvenage says licensing departments have been fraught with administrative problems due to archaic systems.

He says it's time that the Transport Department overhauls its processes and adopts best practices to provide an efficient service to motorists.

The problem is that we give so much recommendations and input, yet it all falls on deaf ears. One of the suggestions we've made is that licences should be extended to 10 years... All driver's licences should be renewed [after] only 10 years. This happens in many parts of the world.

Wayne Duvenage, CEO - Outa

We need to review and overhaul the entire process when it comes to vehicles, driving licences, vehicle roadworthiness, and how we manage and police this.

Wayne Duvenage, CEO - Outa

This has become a mammoth fiasco... It shouldn't be this difficult to get your driver's licence, it should be a very easy process. It has been an easy process in the past now it's become so difficult just to get a slot and actually get your licence.

Wayne Duvenage, CEO - Outa

Then to hear that the machine has broken down... one old machine making all the driver's licences in this country... it just goes on and on and on.

Wayne Duvenage, CEO - Outa

The Department of Transport needs to really, seriously look at their processes and start making life easier for its citizens.

Wayne Duvenage, CEO - Outa

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Push driver's licence renewal to 10 years and overhaul the system - Outa CEO

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