Moti family interdict sets dangerous precedent for criminals - investigator


Mia Lindeque

11 days ago
Moti family interdict sets dangerous precedent for criminals - investigator The Moti brothers Zia (15), Alaan (13), Zayyad (11) and Zidan (6) were allegedly kidnapped in Polokwane on 20 October 2021 en route to school. Picture: Supplied

JOHANNESBURG - There are concerns that the Moti family’s refusal to allow the four brothers to be interviewed by police about their abduction will set a dangerous precedent for criminals.

The police have confirmed that the children’s father obtained an interdict against the authorities, blocking investigators from interviewing the boys or any member of the Moti family.

The children were kidnapped along the R37 highway in Polokwane while en route to school when their driver was forced off the road and the boys snatched by gunmen in October.

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They were released three weeks later, unharmed.

Earlier reports said that the boys may have been taken to Dubai.

With the Moti brothers barred from being interviewed by the police, it’s still not clear what led to their abduction, who ordered their kidnapping or what the motive was.

This high-profile kidnapping gripped the attention of South Africa and set the spotlight on the sharp rise in abductions for ransom and extortion in the country.

Kyle Condon is the owner of D&K Management Consultants and Investigations and he said that the interdict obtained by the Moti family raises eyebrows and has called on Police Minister Bheki Cele to stop this from setting a precedent for criminals.

"We're at the point of a very dangerous slope because of how we treat this particular case. I mean we have to take into account that one if we start putting it out there, people can open and close police cases as willy-nilly as they so wish," Condon said.

Eyewitness News has reached out the Moti family but has received no response yet.

This article first appeared on EWN : Moti family interdict sets dangerous precedent for criminals - investigator

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