R80 000 solar system installed for poultry farmer after losing R10 000 on 947


Nondwe Maqubela

95 days ago
R80 000 solar system installed for poultry farmer after losing R10 000 on 947

Amanda Mdodana is a poultry farmer from Middelburg in Mpumalanga.

After numerous times of trying to participate in the Anele and the Club On 947 show feature, R10,000 Pop Quiz with Standard Bank, she managed to get a call to be a contestant on air.

Mdodana played the quiz but did not manage to answer all ten questions posed, in order to win the grand prize of R10,000!

What would she have done with the winnings?

Thirty-one year old, Mdodana told Anele Mdoda and Frankie, hosts of Anele and the Club On 947, that if she win the quiz, she would use the money towards her business.

... I'd use the money to get a solar system to back up my incubator when the power cuts.

Amanda Mdodana, poultry farmer

But Amanda Mdodana did not win the R10,000 instead her moment on the radio was heard by the wonderful people at Invision TPI.

What did Invision TPI do?

Pierre van Tonder, from Invision TPI, made contact with Amanda Mdodana on the same day that he heard her on 947. He drove to her farm to meet up with her and inspect the site to see what type of installation she would need.

Invision TPI has already installed the solar system to the value of over R80,000!

I'm never going to be without power for my incubator. So now I can take more orders to actually hatch eggs for people, which will bring in extra income, so it's more than just the backup for me.

Amanda Mdodana, poultry farmer

I honestly feel that I have been favoured with regards to getting the solar. All of my life, I've worked extra hard for everything that I have and for me to be actually blessed like this, I feel like I don't deserve but I am here for it.

Amanda Mdodana, poultry farmer

Ja. Let's say, she would have had to win the Pop Quiz about ten times.

Pierré van Tonder, Invision TPI

Mdodana couldn't be more grateful with the generosity from Invision TPI and thanked the van Tonder and the team by cooking them a hearty meal to show her gratitude.

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Not all heroes wear capes, hey?

Anele Mdoda, host of Anele and the Club On 947

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