[LISTEN] Pet Food Brand Acana Creates Podcast For Pups


Thaaqib Daniels

43 days ago
[LISTEN] Pet Food Brand Acana Creates Podcast For Pups

Biologically appropriate pet food brand Acana has released a 6-part podcast series made for both humans and hounds to enjoy together.

Yes, you heard right, and hopefully your pet did too. With six short episodes for your pet’s listening pleasure, “Feed Them With Love” leans towards an ASMR-style audio experience by including howls, quacks and other sounds that will get your pup’s ears flapping and tail wagging.

But it’s not just a random series of sounds that play for a few minutes, Acana and the team have created characters and stories narrated over soothing classical music to allow for a relaxing yet entertaining aural adventure.

“Feed Them With Love” is the innovative audio experienced designed by Acana in collaboration with dog focus groups, animal behaviour experts and professional sound engineers, and is meant to provide audio entertainment that your canine companion can understand.

Feel free to kick back on the couch with your favorite furry friend, sit close to the speaker at snout level, and enjoy these six tales of tails.


Remember to film and share your pooches listening to the podcast with #ACANAStorytime.

For best listening and responses from your pooch, play through good quality speakers, preferably at snout level.

Episode 1: Bella welcomes a baby

In this episode, Bella the lab welcomes a new baby into the family. Watch your hound’s ears perk up at the baby’s gurgles, giggles and cries.

Episode 2: Rex takes a leap

A K9 pup in training, Rex reckons he’s braver than the rest. See how your dogs respond to the commands, whistles and promises of treats. Will they be curious at the ducks that quack, the salmon that splash or the horses neighing from the back?

Episode 3: Nala finds love

A pedigree poodle and not-so-pedigree Nala, find the romance of bird tweeting sounds irresistible. Calming fountains, wind chimes and neighbourly chatter… Will your dog bark and talk, respond with a sleepy snuggle or waggle for a walk?

Episode 4: Reggae Radio with Peanut & Pancake

The station of good dog vibration. No human rule or regulation. Peanut and Pancake are in the house! Expect the music to make your dog feel very, very chillaxed. With crinkling packets and lip smacking snacks! No one dog responds the same… play this episode for yours to see if they chomp to the beat… or fall fast asleep.

Episode 5: Beagle named Béarnaise

An ensemble of sounds representing wild pacific herring, whole nest-laid eggs, grass-fed lamb and prairie poultry. Take your dog on a mouth-watering sound journey designed to bring out the Béarnaise, in Bernie the beagle’s name.

Episode 6: The day Scout got lost

For city dogs, it’s a jungle out there. For very small ones, it can be wild. So hold on to your leads, Scout is taking you on a ride. There’ll be cat calls and parrot shrieks, this is not a naptime tale. Your dog will respond with enthusiasm, without fail.

For more about Acana and “Feed Them With Love” make sure you scamper over to their website and browse through their range of premium food and toys for your pets. Don’t forget to add this series to your playlist on your favourite podcast app.

Available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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