Suzuki #947Crew Flip the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory's Monday

321 days ago


From boring meetings to the flood of emails in your mailbox – your Mondays are usually MOAN-days.

BUT, with Suzuki and the 947 Crew – it’s bring the weekend to work day, every Monday! Fill out the form below and the 947 Crew, driven by Suzuki could Flip your Monday with delicious food and refreshing drinks for you and your department!

Then get that Friday feeling on a Monday with the music you love and a dance class that’ll have you swinging your hips and moving your feet.

SuzukiFlipIt with the 947 Crew, driven by Suzuki.

South African Radio Astronomy Observatory

It's another #SuzukiFlipIt with the #947Crew and this morning, Noni and Chan-Lee were out at SARAO (South African Radio Astronomy Observatory) to Flip their Monday! SARAO, a facility of the National Research Foundation, is responsible for managing all radio astronomy initiatives and facilities In South Africa.

(image 1)

Their enthusiasm was out of this world as the office was up early to receive the Suzuki #947Crew. Upon arrival, we were greeted with smiles and it didn't take take long for the warm-up session to become a singing session.

(image 2)

Andy Maqondwana gave Noni and Chan-Lee a challenge to create a dance routine to "Closer" by Ne-Yo. Chan-Lee captained Team 1 and Noni captained Team 2. Team one came through with a lot of confidence while Team 2 seemed slightly unsure about themselves. Confidence was the secret ingredient for today as Team 1 danced away victorious. Congratulations Team 1!

(image 3)

The Suzuki #947Crew honestly had the time of their lives at SARAO. A big shout out to Simphiwe Madlanga for inviting us to his office. To be like Simphiwe, check out and nominate your office.

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