947 Crew Driven by Suzuki

Our crew members Sibo, Noni, Melody and Austin from the 947 Crew driven by Suzuki are all about hitting the streets of Joburg. They know the most popular hotspots and the coolest new hangouts – and they’re not afraid to share!

The 947 Crew Driven by Suzuki is here to connect you to the best in the city. Stay tuned to 947 to find out where the 947 Crew Driven by Suzuki is headed. You can link up with them and, maybe, get rewarded!

Meet the Crew

Melody - 947 Crew Driven By Zuzuki

Melody Miya

Melody Miya is an experienced international Public Speaker and Master of Ceremonies having hosted over 2000 events across the globe.

Business and Social entrepreneur, Melody Miya has founded a youth-based solution driven company called Conquer MIH.

Melody has had his name and face on our home screens too as a TV personality on shows such as Bona Retsang on SABC1, Jimmy comes to Jo’burg on GauTV and as a guest presenter on Selimathunzi on SABC1.

Sibo - 947 Crew Driven By Zuzuki

Sibonokuhle “Sibo” Siwela

A “vibrant go-getter” – the 25-years-old Sibo has worked for brands like Espoir, is a brand ambassador for Luxuria Lifestyle South Africa and has worked with many of South Africa’s most renowned photographers.

Sibo is a netball fanatic, an entrepreneur as well as the 2017 face of Clearwater Mall. Sibo enjoys travelling, exercising and reading. With eight years modelling experience and a Digital Marketing certificate, Sibo is all about women empowerment.

Austing - 947 Crew Driven By Zuzuki

Austin Cassim

Austin is young, but his age has never stopped him from dreaming of being one of the worlds greatest DJs.

Before the age of 23, Austin is the youngest DJ in South Africa to have performed at Ultra SA and H20. He won EDM Record of the year in 2018 with his duo (CINIMIN) and the same year he also finished his degree.

Noni - 947 Crew Driven By Zuzuki

Nonhlanhla Khumalo

Infectious laugh is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name Noni Khumalo. As a master of ceremonies, her bubbly personality makes it easy for her to interact with an audience - especially the younger ones.

Noni got bitten by the radio bug when she fell in love with the way on-air presenters made her feel. She knew without a doubt that that is exactly the impact she wants to make.

She is currently on campus radio with the ultimate dream of becoming one of the most recognisable voices on the airways.

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