Masks for Medics relaunches campaign to supply frontline workers with PPE


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171 days ago
Masks for Medics relaunches campaign to supply frontline workers with PPE © gcalin/

To prepare for the imminent third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, Masks for Medics, a non-profit initiative based in Cape Town, is re-launching its crowdfunding campaign on Backabuddy to supply non-hospital-based frontline healthcare workers with medical-grade personal protective equipment (PPE).

Masks for Medics was established in May 2020 during Level 5 lockdown, with the aim is to raise funds to procure and donate the necessary PPE to all frontline workers in need.

Medical-grade PPE includes gowns, aprons, surgical masks, respirator masks, visors, gloves, sanitiser, pulse oximetry monitors, and thermometers.

Dr Lauren Lee, co-founder of Masks for Medics says in 2020, they managed to distribute close to R10m worth of PEE.

We were very blessed to have generous individual donors and corporates. Actually to date, and over the last year I think that we've donated close to R10m worth of PPE.

Dr Lauren Lee - Co-founder of Masks for Medics

The Health Department has expressed concern over COVID-19 increases in some districts in the country, with early data pointing towards a third wave.

The department said that over the past two weeks there've been significant increases in the Free State, Gauteng, the Northern Cape and the North West.

Twenty-one districts in the country recorded a 20% increase in COVID-19 cases in the last two weeks.

Lee says large hospitals generally procures its own PPE to provide to staff, but its non-hospital-based frontline healthcare workers that have little to no PPE.

She says protective gear is not easily accessible for community based healthcare workers like carers looking after the elderly, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists, social workers, palliative nurses and even funeral undertakers.

We actually extended our mandate to not only include healthcare workers that are conventionally thought of, but also frontline workers, and that's where we're moving now. Like staff at a feeding scheme, the cooks and the people serving the food. The assistants and teachers at ECD's. People working at homeless shelters who need protection. They're frontline workers.

Dr Lauren Lee - Co-founder of Masks for Medics

Contributions to the Masks for Medics Backabuddy fundraising campaign can made by visiting

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