#FreshOn947's lovely interview Nickelodeon KCA winner, Sho Madjozi


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#FreshOn947's lovely interview Nickelodeon KCA winner, Sho Madjozi


Sho Madjozi listed Fresh as one of the people who helped make her who she is today... to which Fresh also responded.

That was the best intro I've ever heard in my life!

Sho Madjozi

You were supporting my music before it was cool to do so and I appreciate that!

Sho Madjozi

I was in bed, taking a nap and had a few hundred missed calls on my phone. It was a really epic moment and it was really exciting when I got the news. It was cool because I was a bit down and out becaus emy dress for the Awards arrived and I obviously couldn't wear it.

Sho Madjozi

The team chatted to her about her energy and the constant positivity that surrounds her. Freshh even said that she sou

One thing about you is that even in your music you sound like you're smiling. Your energy is so positive; you sound like such a happy person. Have you always been like this?


When I was 6 I stepped on a bottle and it cut me under my foot and I was crying and weeping and my neighbour walks pasts waving and smiling and I was like, 'I'm hurt'. I told my mom that the neighbour was laughing at me and my mom said that she thought you were laughing!

Sho Madjozi

The talented artist turned 28 on 9 May and has so much to be proud of already.

Listen to the full conversation below and find more about her incredible journey, what she has been up to, and the release of new music.

The biggest thing to remember is that we're all in this together.

Sho madjozi

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