'I lost 15kg on Keto' - woman claims diet changed her life, but is it safe?


Sara-Jayne King

227 days ago
'I lost 15kg on Keto' - woman claims diet changed her life, but is it safe?

For many people, the New Year brings with it a renewed promise to shed those extra kilos once and for all.

And while diet fads come and go, the promise is always the same - embark on such-and-such diet and you'll lose that spare tyre and muffin top.

One eating plan in particular which has gained enormous popularity and promises significant results is the Keto diet - a very low carb, high fat diet which puts the body into a metabolic state called ketosis.

Anke Pearson lost 15kgs following a keto eating plan - going from 75kgs in January 2020 to 65kg by October the same year - she joined CapeTalk's Sara-Jayne to talk about her weightloss and maintenance.

Anke explains that the big no-nos with Keto are gluten and sugar:

Anything white I've eliminated from my diet as well as sugars. Sugar is the killer and it's in everything.

Anke Pearson

I have more energy, I'm never hungry and I don't have to weigh anything, I don't have to count calories and I love it.

Anke Pearson

I do have my occasional sushi or my occasional foods that are not on the Keto list, but I've managed to maintain my weightloss. I've never looked back from the time I started. It's a totally new way of life and it's so easy to maintain.

Anke Pearson

Social media platforms like Instagram are filled with thousands of accounts of people who claim to have had significant weightloss by following the diet.

Also joining the conversation on Sunday's show was Dr Fundile Nyathi, CEO of Proactive Health to talk about keto from a medical perspective.

He says while it may offer a quick way to lose weight it's not healthy for the long term:

Because the meal is reliant on a high-fat diet you are loading your body with high saturated fats and that obviously creates a risk for cardiovascular diseases, specifically heart attacks and strokes.

Dr Fundile Nyathi, CEO - Proactive Health

Dr Nyathi explains that by restricting carbohydrate intake to less than 10grams per day and entering the state of 'ketosis', the body begins to pull from existing fat stores - hence the rapid weight loss.

Ketosis is activating the body's 'plan B' when there is famine or no food- it is meant to address temporary challenges, it is not meant to be a permanent mode in the body.

Dr Fundile Nyathi, CEO - Proactive Health

Keto - is it safe? Listen to the full conversation from Weekend Breakfast with Sara-Jayne King:

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