Trigger is a new on-demand national emergency services app


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Trigger is a new on-demand national emergency services app © ldprod/

South Africa's rising crime rate, coupled with under-resourced government emergency services has forced many of us to turn to private security and ambulance services as a first, and sometimes the only option in an emergency.

The South African Police emergency response number, 10111 is the number we've all been taught to call in a time of need, but the police's often slow response time has pushed South Africans to seek out reliable private emergency services instead.

The problem with that is during an emergency, you don't have time to search for details to call them.

That is what the creators of Trigger are hoping to solve.

Trigger is a new, smart, on-demand emergency services app available on your phone that provides instant access to a network of independent armed response, paramedics, roadside assistance operators, legal advice, and trauma
counselling services – all in real-time, and all at the touch of just one button.

It's an on demand emergency app, with services ranging from armed response, on demand road side assistance, on demand paramedics, a lawyer on call legal platform and a trauma and suicide counselling line.

Morné Kruger - CEO of Trigger

Trigger also has a stand-alone panic button that works independently from the phone. When activating the button, emergency personnel will trace you via GPS and rush to your aid.

It pairs with your phone, then you can leave your phone at home. You can then go for a run or for a walk. In an emergency you can activate the button and the nearest armed response vehicle will come to wherever you are via GPS to assist you.

Morné Kruger - CEO of Trigger

You just leave the Trigger icon on your front page [of your phone], you just click on that and all your services just come up. You don't have to login, and then you can activate the relevant service you require.

Morné Kruger - CEO of Trigger

All the metros and big towns are covered, but all the other services like paramedics and road side assistance you can access nationwide. If you're outside the coverage area, they'll still be able to assist you, and connect you to local police.

Morné Kruger - CEO of Trigger

The Trigger app is available on both IOS and Android phones and can be downloaded in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Listen to the interview with Trigger CEO Morné Kruger in the audio below:

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