[ADVICE] Online learning tips for parents and their kids


Ayesha Yon

239 days ago
[ADVICE] Online learning tips for parents and their kids

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Let's be honest, the last year and a bit has thrown us all off our routines and made everyday life a little tricker than ever. One of the more trying adjustments has been the implementation of online learning for kids and parents, alike.

So, what are some basics to take note of when it comes to online learning etiquette?

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Here are some tips from educator Edith Pride:

  • wake your kids up early enough to feed them and get them dressed for school

  • make sure your child has a book, pencil, and paper when they sit in front of the computer

  • no lying down on the bed during sessions

  • parents, please ensure that you are properly dressed when you're walking in front of or behind the computer

  • other children on the computer can hear your conversation, so avoid improper/impolite language

  • when you're helping your kids on the computer, don't appear with cigarettes

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We have compiled a consolidated list of tips, advice, news updates, and more to help you stay informed. This includes tips on things to keep you busy if you're working remotely.

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