The truth about Vitamin D and why it's flying off the shelves during COVID-19


Preneil Pillay

231 days ago
The truth about Vitamin D and why it's flying off the shelves during COVID-19

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Sometimes referred to as 'the sunshine drug', Vitamin D is traditionally taking for healthy teeth and bones, but it is also important for a healthy immune system.

That's what's left many people wondering whether supplementing with vitamin D may help reduce the risk of contracting coronavirus.

According to CapeTalk, Currently, there is no definitive evidence that the vitamin prevents or treats Covid-19, however, doctors say there seems to be an association between those with lower levels of vitamin D and an increased susceptibility to infection.

I think it's in line with everyone seeing how they can make some choices and affect their health and their own ability of not contracting covid or if they do, how severe the disease is.

Dr Sean Gomes, Co-founder and MD - Wellness Warehouse

It's said that the sun is a source of Vitamin D, so how did scientists get some sun in a pill?

The generic, false truth is that the sun is a source of vitamin D. I say the false truth because there's a little bit of truth in that statement. The truth is, when you are exposed to the sun, the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays will stimulate the production of Vitamin D from your cholesterol - a compound that is found in your body tissues and cells. Because there are food and plant sources of Vitamin D, it makes it possible to manufacture Vitamin D supplements and other nutrient and vitamin supplements.

Obakeng, Medical Student

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Also, supplements are also a faster way of increasing your Vitamin D levels, compared to your diet. Also, as Africans, we have a compound called Melanin and that can result in the inability of our skin to produce Vitamin D. which results

Obakeng, Medical Student

Vitamin D deficiency is very common and we can boost our levels without supplements by making sure certain foods are part of our regular diet.

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Things like fatty fish, even cod liver oil, and then having healthy sun exposure.

Dr Sean Gomes, Co-founder and MD - Wellness Warehouse

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