These lifehacks will help you keep your home looking fresh and clean


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These lifehacks will help you keep your home looking fresh and clean

Are you a clean freak? Do you find that you've got so much happening in your life that the thought of cleaning - after a long day at work - leaves you exhausted?

Sounds familiar, so we have a few hacks to help you speed up some of the annoying chores.

Smelly fridges

Don't be put off eating something from your fridge because of bad odours.
Line your shelves and vegetable drawers with newspaper because they absorb lingering smells.

Get your home smelling sweet

Cinnamon is more than just a nice topping on your favourite dessert, it helps to get your house smelling sweet.
Boil some cinnamon sticks (or ground cinnamon) in a saucepan of water. Allow it to simmer and let it fill your home.
You can do the same with fresh mint, as well.

Struggling to get your oven clean?

Bicarbonate of soda and water combine well to make an incredible cleaning agent. Wipe down your oven to make it damp and then put a thick layer of bicarbonate of soda on the damp surface.

Let it rest for a few hours and then wipe away that grime.

Sanitise your sponges in the microwave

Put your sponges in a container of water and microwave it for about a minute.

Did you spill some milk in your microwave when warming it up?

Get rid of dried up spills by placing one cup of vinegar and water into a microwavable container for about ten minutes and then wipe away those stains.

Tired of those stains on your shower head?

Try plastic bags filled with vinegar wrapped around your shower head to remove those soap stains.

Lemon is your new best friend

Use half of a cut lemon to clean and shine your household taps.

Grossed out by your dirty keyboard?

Clean those dirty keyboards with post-it notes or earbuds.
You can slide those sticky notes between those keyboard keys.

Pet hair everywhere?

Dampen some rubber gloves and run them over the surface.

Remove those toothpaste stains from your bathroom mirror

Clean or defog mirrors by simply rubbing shaving foam on the surface before wiping away with a clean damp cloth.

Hopefully you'll have your home looking and feeling as fresh and clean as possible.

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