Time management hacks for people in their 30s


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Time management hacks for people in their 30s

Some people are able to manage their time effectively, but they might be superhuman. Shout out to them, but for some of us, we're still trying to figure it all out.

When you hit thirty it seems like balancing the aspects of your life becomes increasingly difficult. We want to focus on work, seeing our friends, grabbing some dinner and drinks and also maintain some sort of steady relationship.

Aleksander Ilic did some research on how people in their thirties handle their obligations and keep their schedules tight.

1\. Prioritize your obligations

You have to focus on getting things done in a particular (and proper) order. Productivity is all about prioritizing your tasks on a daily basis, based on which is the most important and those which can wait.

So make a list of things to do and arrange them from most to least important.

2\. Adjust your schedule to fit you

In your twenties, most of us were just getting our professional lives started, which means that you just started your first job and had little control over what schedule you held down. The longer you work, the more control you will have over your schedule. You will also know your work a lot better so you will also be working at a much faster rate.

3\. Don't sacrifice sleep

Younger people can handle much more sleep deprivation without losing so much of their focus and energy. It's difficult to work when you're tired, but when you're in your thirties and tired it makes things even more difficult. If time management is not your strong point, you have to ensure that you fit in a healthy sleeping pattern.

4\. The smaller things waste a lot of time

When we are younger, we are scared of big obligations and commitments like getting a job, getting married, leading a project, and similar things.


When you're in your thirties you would trade a magnitude of small chores for one big task. The best way to keep your schedule clean is to find a way to organise your day in such a way that you're able to get the smaller tasks done in bulk. Sometimes you'll find that it would take an hour to get them all done if you're focussed on only them.

5\. Separating workloads into different categories

Different daily obligations during the day can disrupt your workflow and efficiency. In your thirties, your out-of-work obligations increase a whole lot. Mindless, automatic tasks become more frequent, so this does not require much brain power. These tasks should be grouped and done at a time of the day when you don't need to focus too much. The bigger, more important tasks that require focus should be done first thing in the morning.

6\. Leave some extra time in-between

Sometimes unexpected tasks can arise during the day, so make sure that your schedule is not too tight to accommodate for these. These unexpected tasks can also destabilise your whole day.
You also need some time to take a breath and reset.

7\. Leaving yesterday right there

Things can spiral out of control if you bring yesterday's tasks and emotions into today. It can start to avalanche very quickly, so rather get what you need to finish done on the specified day in order to ensure that your schedule stays intact for the next day.

8\. Break up big tasks into smaller chunks

Sometimes the bigger tasks leave you feeling so overwhelmed that you can't get started.

When a big task is put in front of a twenty year old, he/she will start despairing about how to handle something that big. People in their 30s are aware that things take time and that you need to take it step by step. Identify the small steps you will need to take in order to complete the tasks.


9\. Keep realistic plans

People in their twenties make hyped, overly ambitious decisions which hamper their ability to time manage. No matter how high your levels of motivation are when planning your schedule, be realistic about what you can and want to achieve.

10\. Use your work hours properly

Fight your urge to procrastinate. With the number of obligations in your thirties that need to be attended to, you don't have the same amount of leisure time anymore to make up for the tasks you've delayed.

11\. Deadlines. Set them!

In your twenties, you would get things done when you get the time to get them done. The same rule doesn't apply in your thirties. Doing this would leave you with more obligations than you have the time to do. Make a note of something that you need to do and set yourself a deadline for when it needs to be done - you'll be amazed at how much of a difference it makes.

12\. Take action

If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.

Bruce Lee

In your twenties, you would spend more time thinking about each individual thing. In your thirties, you don't have the time to do so. You don't have the time to consider the philosophical value of each and every task. Do the task first and then think about it later - if you have the time to do so.

13\. Don't be a perfectionist

Take pride in your work, but also remember that not everything needs to be a work of art. Make things work, don't do everything to provoke awe and admiration. Perfectionism (in remedial tasks) can create frustration and waste your energy.

This is important to realize in your 30s because your obligations are piling up, and you will not have the time to retain this kind of approach. Put in that extra effort when it matters, do a decent job when nothing more is required from you.


14\. Ask for help, early on

Don't rely on pulling an all-nighter to get a task done. If you think that you're going to need some assistance ask for it as early as possible. Asking for help is not a big deal, but missing a deadline is.

15\. When you're in the zone, use it!

We can't be productive all the time. There are days when you will hit the productivity sweet spot... When these days arrive, make the most of it. Ride the wave for as long as possible because they don't come around as much as we would like them to when we're in our thirties. We all know how useful these spells in the zone can be, so use it wisely.

Hopefully this information will come in handy this year (and beyond).

Source: Lifehack

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