James Deacon performs electric LIVE set and releases new single on #FreshOn947

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INTERVIEW: James Deacon: "I nearly lost my arm & almost had to give up music."

He has been a very bright light during lockdown and the #FreshOn947 team and Ayanda MVP have not been shy to express their love for this incredibly talented young man,

James Deacon made an entrance into the local and international music scene with his single 'REASON' and he's now released another brand new single title 'RAIN ON ME'. Instead of just dropping the single, he decided that he wanted to perform it LIVE and also perform some if his other single - including 'REASON'.

Listen, this guy is just getting warmed up!

We've heard 'REASON' on the radio but have you heard it live? It's a completely different experience and will take you to a place of absolute euphoria. Like the team said, it sounds like it could be on a television show.

His new single is titled 'RAIN ON ME'

I wrote this song whilst I had no voice. Last year I had to have surgery on my vocal chords and I was scared about permanently damaging my voice, so I had an emergency surgery and for about 3 weeks I couldn't make a sound and literally couldn't speak - it was hell. I wrote this song in those 3 weeks without singing and then the first day the surgeon gave me the go-ahead to sing again I went into studio and recorded this song in one take. It's a special one to me and I'm really excited for you guys to hear it.

James Deacon

I've been writing music - casually - since about 10. I come from a very musical family so there was always music in the house. I'm inspired by other artists, books I read, and I love to consume art. In order to create art that's relevant you need to stay up to date with what's happening around you.

James Deacon

Here's James and his best mate and bass guitarist Daniel Paulson giving us a memorable performance on the show.

Honestly, we cannot wait to watch this guy live when we're able to because we know it's going to be absolutely electric!

Listen to the really powerful live show and interview below and download the podcast...

Listen to his new single 'RAIN ON ME' below and buy/ stream it on all digital platforms...

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