James Deacon: "I nearly lost my arm & almost had to give up music."

118 days ago


He's one of the hottest properties in music right now and he' only just getting warmed up.

The #FreshOn947 team chatted to James Deacon and they weren't shy when it came to showing their love and appreciation for the talented young man.

Please welcome to the 947 stage, an icon in the making. SInce the release of his debut EP _The Calling, _23-year-old multi-instrumentalistJames Deacon has been making an his alternative pop prowess known all over the radio and in your earhole,

DJ Fresh, #FreshOn947

We don't think you realise how much of a fan boy all of us are.

DJ Fresh, #FreshOn947

It's so awesome to hear that; when I heard you talking about me on the radio I almost had a heart attack. My friend's mom sent me a voice note.

James Deacon

When I heard Reason for the first time I went back to my commune, got the guys together, and listened to your songs on YouTube. You're an undercover rockstar man and I love you - you're a legend. I'm a big fan and I'm going to hand you over to Fresh now because I can't contain myself.

Shannon, #FreshOn947

When I was 4-years-old I asked my parents if I could learn how to play the violin and that's where my journey with music started. Ever since then I've been absorbed with performing, playing music, and writing.

James Deacon

I nearly lost my arm a couple of years ago and almost had to give up on music completely.

James Deacon

One of my songs was used on HBO for a theatrical promo that went for 8 weeks around the world and it was the first time a SOuth African artist's song was used in that way by HBO - which is pretty huge considering it was only my second single.

James Deacon

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