Dis-Chem Foundation Random Act of Kindness: Yellow Ribbon Foundation


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Dis-Chem Foundation Random Act of Kindness: Yellow Ribbon Foundation

We all know of organizations within our community that are doing great work to help those in need. Today’s Random Act of Kindness is for the Yellow Ribbon Foundation. We chatted to anti-drug activist and founder, Dereleen James about the Yellow Ribbon Foundation and the impact it’s having in the community.

Don't let one bad choice be your last choice.

Dereleen James, Anti-drug activist

Every day, millions of South Africans suffer from substance abuse disorders; it eats away at their families, their resources and results in a loss of opportunities - particularly among the youth.

The Yellow Ribbon Foundation decided this no longer needed to be the narrative of the young South African and that it is okay to have a place that you can go to that you can call home, that you can call your family, support you and prevent things like drug abuse from consuming your life.

The Yellow Ribbon Foundation was founded by Dereleen James.

In 2013, Dereleen James authored a heart-wrenching open letter to former State President Jacob Zuma, breaking the silence, stigma and highlighting the harsh realities of a mother living with a child on drugs.

Her letter went viral and gained global acclaim on all media platforms.

In response to her Dear Dad letter, former President Jacob Zuma, along with members of his cabinet, visited the drug-riddled area to meet with James and the community of Eldorado Park.

She has since dedicated her life and time to serve, not only her community but communities across South Africa by encouraging active citizenship and implementing the Eldorado Park model across them.

Along with her team, Dereleen has activated at many communities in the Gauteng precinct.

James has also garnered support from various provincial departments and freely-renders her time and support when called upon.

She runs the Yellow Ribbon Foundation Wellness Centre, where she runs a daily program for youth seeking recovery.

The Yellow Ribbon Foundation aims to create recovery capital through all spheres of government, civil society, the private sector and religious organisations.

Zanele, from our 947 Crew, and Sherry Saltzman from the Dis-Chem Foundation visited the Yellow Ribbon Foundation to found out about the incredible work they do.


It started five years ago. I realised what I had gone through and the little support and help that was around at that time. When I found out my son was an addict I removed him from school, sent him to a rehab and it meant that he missed out on an education.

Dereleen James, YRF Founder

The most important thing for me is to try and keep our kids connected to education and to support the nine high schools in our community. We allow the teachers to educate and teach and we deal with the social _ills_ that we are faced with.

Dereleen James, YRF Founder

Dis-Chem Foundation's Sherry Saltzman gave us some background about why this particular project caught their attention.

What really inspired me with this foundation is it's a sense of community, it's a sense of heart and nobody is left out - regardless of what your problems or issues are. If it's something simple like needing stationery for school the YRF will help. For me, that's just a sense of community, a sense of heart and a sense of love.

Sherry Saltzman, Disc-Chem Foundation


Thank you once again to our friends from the Dis-Chem Foundation for helping us in fulfilling a Random Act of Kindness. Visit the Yellow Ribbon Foundation and contact them if you'd like to get involved in any way.

You can nominate an organisation you feel could benefit from a Random Act of Kindness.

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