Dis-chem Foundation visits the Impact Africa Baby Rescue Center


Preneil Pillay

875 days ago
Dis-chem Foundation visits the Impact Africa Baby Rescue Center

The Dis-Chem Foundation, in partnership with 947, continued their Random Acts of Kindness campaign.

The Foundation lends a helping hand to local organisations doing beautiful work in South Africa. 947's Mmasea Petje joined the Dis-Chem Foundation team as they pledged support for the Impact Africa Baby Rescue Center.

Watch the video of the work the Impact Africa Baby Rescue Center does below...

I think that this organisation covers such a broad scope of need that's in South Africa. I got e-mailed about the baby side of what they do, and who could say no to an abandoned baby.

Sherry Saltzman, Dis-Chem Foundation

The Impact Africa Baby Rescue Center exists for the purpose of transforming the hopes and futures of desperate people in need; specifically, for young mothers and babies living in squatter camps throughout Johannesburg. It is estimated that each day in Johannesburg, 3 to 4 babies are abandoned and left for dead. Here, the future is unknown, and the present reality of poverty is overwhelming. This existence leaves newly pregnant mothers with a disillusioned view of the future, and little hope of a better life for their children.

For the majority of residents in the squatter camps, this is a time of transition away from family, friends, and nation of origin. Therefore, this leaves young women vulnerable, isolated, and alone. With no one to look to for help and guidance, they are unequipped and unprepared to make decisions about their future and are hopeless about the future of the child they are responsible to raise. In desperation and fear, the unthinkable will manifest itself in unprofessional and horrific abortion practices that leave the mother’s body scarred and damaged, or the precious new baby abandoned in a dumpster or chemical toilet.

Since opening in January of 2013, The Impact Baby Rescue Center has had the opportunity to care for 93 different abandonment cases and has expanded to three locations throughout the city of Johannesburg. The Impact Baby Rescue Center reaches out to these desperate and hopeless women and abandoned babies through prevention, rescue, and life-long family care. It is the heartbeat of our Impact Baby Rescue Team to not only rescue abandoned babies but to raise awareness and counsel desperate young mothers in order to prevent baby abandonment.

Prevention: Each week, we are regularly in the informal settlements of Johannesburg to raise awareness about safe, alternative options that desperate young mothers have available to them rather than abandoning their precious baby, or having a harmful abortion. We also maintain a hotline throughout the city of Johannesburg where desperate young mothers can contact us from any community at any time.

Rescue: We have three baby safes in three different communities – Kya Sands, Diepsloot, and Cosmo City – so that, as a last resort, a desperate young mother can leave her baby in our care rather than abandoning her child.

Life-Long Family Care: We have expanded our baby rescue efforts with the purchase of our very own Baby Home! The purchase of this Baby Home will allow us to care for these rescued babies until they are adopted into their forever family.

We want to engage with the students, engage them, and equip them with the power of education.

Kristin Ann Sullivan, Chief Strategy Officer

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